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Weldbond 160ml Bottle

Weldbond 160ml Bottle

SKU: WE-50160
  • Weldbond Universal Adhesive can be used in various applications as a glue, bonding agent, sealer or primer. It’s high solid content means that it can be easily diluted and therefore becomes a very economical alternative to traditional products used for specific applications.

    Weldbond is a universal adhesive that bonds almost anything! It is non-toxic, non-flammable.

    Weldbond will dry clear and flexible and is therefore ideal for use with woods and fabrics as no glue lines will show and the glue will bend with movement. It is non-staining and will not become brittle with age.

    It is non-toxic, non-flammable & Solvent free
    3-4 times stronger than standard P.V.
    High Solid content (51-53%) means more glue and it goes a lot further
    Does everything a P.V.A does, plus more
    Dries to a clear, flexible bond and can be used as a sealer, bonding agent or primer.

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