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TaurusT3 Accessory Kit

This kit is equipped with helpful tools for completing any project, from cutting straight lines to perfect circles and precise angles. Includes a circle maker that cuts perfect circles in difficult glass from 32mm to 400mm diameter, a 30º lamp wedge for cutting and beveling lamp pieces (for a perfect fit on rounded forms), a straight edge (fits anywhere on the work surface and gives a straight line in any direction) a 45º stand-up edger bevels edges (for making perfect boxes) and two cut-off triangles. As an added bonus the Taurus 3 Accessory Kit comes with the new Taurus 3 DVD "Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask."


Straight edge
30/60 degree cutoff triangle
45 degree cutoff triangle
bevel edge maker
circle maker
lamp wedge

TaurusT3 Accessory Kit

SKU: GM1024
Out of Stock
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