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Solid Opalescent: Solid colour, opalescent glasses. These non-variegated products are highly reflective in nature and thus especially popular for mosaic and mural application. With natural or artificial, backlighting they reveal a captivating, luminescent glow.

Iridescent Glass: A thin layer of metallic crystal has been bonded to these glasses during sheet forming, creating a colourful, shimmering surface effect.

System 96 Black Smooth Iridescent

SKU: I1009SF
Thickness: 3/4mm
  • Oceanside Compatible™ (96COE): Products formulated and "Tested Compatible" especially for fusing, slumping and other hot glass work. All Oceanside Compatible products are tested against an identical standard to insure compatibility of viscosity and expansion coefficient. Note that most of our product line is produced using our fusible formulas.

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