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Speed Balls 6-Pack with Removal Tool 

You Will Receive A Set Of 6 Speed Balls And One Speed Ball Removal Tool With Each Order.

Please Note Waffle Grids May Be Purchased Separately Here.


  • Speed Balls Create A Seamless Movement Of Glass On The Creator's Waffle Grid. (Not Included)
  • No More Sticking And Stopping Of The Glass On Your Waffle Grids.
  • Just Place A Row Of Speed Balls In Line With Your Score For Easier Control Of The Glass
  • Speed Balls May Also Act As A Fulcrum To Run The Score Without Even Having To Pick Up Your Glass. Due To Imperfections In Some Glass, It May Be More Difficult To Run This Way. You May Still Need To Use Running Pliers.
  • Great For Your Next Stained Glass Project  




Speed Balls

SKU: CM1030
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