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Sal Ammoniac, also called a tinning block, quickly cleans any carbon build-up that collects on the tip of a soldering iron. Simply rub the tip of a hot iron against the block and in seconds, the tip is clean, bright and hot. For best results and longer lasting soldering iron tips, use the tinning block occasionally to re-tin the surface of your tip.

Solder Tip Cleaning Block

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    • Heat your soldering iron up to about 350°C. Once tip is hot, wipe it on a brass coil a few times to remove any excess solder that might be on it.
    • For best results, use a sharp tool to dig a hole into the sal ammoniac bar and stir it up, creating a small pile of powder in the hole.
    • Mix the powder with some solder in the hole of sal ammoniac. You can do this by transferring a small amount of solder on the tip of the hot iron or by cutting a small chunk of solder off the roll and then putting it into the hole in the block. You'll need 6mm or so.
    • Stir the contents of the hole with the tip of the hot soldering iron. Remember, this is toxic. Do not breathe the fumes!
    • Wipe the iron on a damp sponge or brass coils.
    • Use the tip of the iron to push the solder/sal ammoniac into the sides of the hole (I think of it as the same motion as creaming sugar and butter together).
    • Repeat until the tip is completely re-tinned and silver. Now, never ever let the tip be any color other than silver again!
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