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Skutt Kiln GM1414
GM1414 Classroom StandardThe GM1414 is likely the most widely used kiln by professional glass instructors.It’s big, it’s reliable, and its accurate. (Shown with Lid Lifter which is now standard).Sophisticated, Yet Easy to Use• The GlassMaster Controller is the only controller on the market with GlassFire Mode. GlassFire Mode allows you to run a program simply by entering the type of effect you want: Fuse, Tack Fuse or Slump and a speed based on the size and thickness of the project. It really is that easy and it works on most projects.• If you prefer to write your own firing programs simply use the Ramp/Hold programming mode which can store up to 8 of your custom programs with up to 8 Segments. When you are ready to use one of your stored programs just load it and press start.• Built in Diagnostics give you or our technicians the ability to diagnose kiln problems with just a few button presses.• Active Keys allow you to make adjustments to the program while it is running based on a visual inspection. The Anneal Now key allows you to skip to the annealing phase of the program with a single key press. Add Time allows you to add 5 minutes to the final heating segment of the program if your project needs more time and Add Temp allow you to increase the temperature in the final heating segment if you want the glass to get hotter.

Skutt Kiln GM1414

SKU: GM1414
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  • •    Single Phase 240volt, 34.7amp, 8320watt
    Also available in
    •    Three Phase 240volt, 20amp, 8320watt
    Check with your electrician regarding suitability
    •    Approximately 1066mm x 635mm opening and 342mm deep
    •    Lid Lifter is Standard


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