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Replacement wheels for MP-20TS

22mm Titanium Coated Tungsten Carbide Cutting wheels with numbers.

SeaBell Replacement wheels for MP-20TS

SKU: P-20-W
    • Light Weight and Durable Aluminun Alloy Body.
    • 22mm Titanium coated Tungsten Carbide cutting Wheels with numbers.
    • 3 Positions Tile Thickness Lock Lever
    • Adjustable Depth Guide and Free Rotable cutting Wheels .
    • Allen key included.
    • Power Spring and comfortable power handle Grips.


    Do not use over 8mm thicness.

    Not recommended for hard ceramics.

    Be careful to avoid a risk of pinching fingers or hands.

    Do not use to cut nails, wire and stones.








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