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Pyramex Safety Glasses-Lightweight-Coated lens, scratch resistant Polycarbonate

Pyramex Safety Glasses-Lightweight

SKU: CM1032
  • Piper's Pattern Paper Pre-Cut 216mm X 280mm Printable Self Adhesive Card Stock Thickness Sheets - Quantity 10 - DIY Construction of Stained Glass and Woodwork Projects Made Easier - Water Resistant

    10 Pieces of Piper's Pattern Paper.Each piece measures 216mm By 280mm for easy printing or copying.

    Adhesive pattern paper provides much greater accuracy in cutting glass because the thickness of the paper gives you a slightly raised edge to score against.

    Leaving the paper on while you grind, will speed the process even more because you will know exactly where the glass is supposed to be ground.


    Unlike a marker, the paper won't rinse away while you grind.

    No tape or glue or spray adhesive mess to deal with. No “fitting” - you get a PERFECT fit, every time!!

    Piper's Pattern Paper... is a heavy-duty, silicone coated paper with a rubber-based adhesive on the back, covered by a peel-off backing.


    It is water-resistant and the coating is made to be printed on. You can use the paper in a printer, laser, copy machine, or a cutting machine.


    The thickness is similar to cardstock


    Making stained glass is easier and faster with Piper's Pattern Paper. You will be able to eliminate a big portion of the time you spend on grinding.


    Scoring is easier; because of the paper's thickness, you can score right next to it


    No more worrying about losing your mark. No more guesswork about how much to grind


    Try it and find out how much easier, enjoyable, faster, and better your next stained glass project can be !


  • Features

    • Lightweight, frameless protection is ideal for all-day wear.
    • Coated lens provides excellent side protection and 99.9% protection from harmful UV rays.
    • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection.

    Lens Technology

    Clear Lens: General purposes for indoor applications that require impact protection.

    Visible Light Transmitted


    UVA, UVB Blocked


    Blue Light Blocked


    IR Blocked


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