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Mardi Gras Style Draping Form


When you absolutely have got to make a mask, this is the mold to use. This brand new draping form was custom designed by Lois Manno and can be used with either Modeling Glass or regular sheet glass. 

The dimensions of the mask are as follows: 216mm W x 254mm H x 57mm D. The design is based on my original ceramic piece.

Watch the YouTube video here for more instructions on using the form!

Mardi Gras Mask Mold by Glassbird Studios

SKU: 492MM01
  • How does Modeling Glass Work?

    You can turn glass powder into a moldable, sculptable material similar to clay using the two-part Modeling Glass Starter Kit. The Powdered Binder is a food-grade, nontoxic cellulose-based material that reacts with water as a thickener. The Liquid Medium is also food-grade and nontoxic, and combines with water to give body and smoothness to the Modeling Glass, while preventing stickiness. Both the Binder and the Liquid Medium burn away during firing, leaving pure glass behind.

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