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Inland Cement 500ml

Inland Cement/Putty for Stained Glass to Strengthen/Waterproof , projects, and seals, waterproofs, and stiffens your project. It also prevents the glass from rattling in the channel of the lead. Black putty is generally used for lead came, since it will blend in with the darkened lead.

Inland Cement 500ml

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  • Stored properly Inland cement will hold up indefinitely. Inland cement is a suspension and over time the ingredients can separate in the container leaving a hard cement like "cake" at the bottom and liquid above it. You can re-mix it but it may take a bit of elbow grease and time, depending on how long the container has sat. Eventually the two parts will come together again.

    If the cement seems a bit too thick after completely re-mixing, it may be that some of the liquid portion has evaporated from the container (ALWAYS secure the lid completely when storing). You can add a small amount of turpentine, mixing thoroughly, to help loosen it and return it to its normal consistency of cake batter.

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