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Make Exact Strips in Seconds

  • Create perfect strips quickly and easily. 
  • The Strip Pro attaches directly to the Cutter's Mate Slide Bar (not included).
  • Includes 1 Strip Pro Glass Cutter
  • Includes the CSG-10 carbide cutting head.
  • One Super Stops
  • One Oil-Well
  • Also features a 600mm zero marked ruler for accurate convenient cuts  and an Omni-Directional Glass Stop. 
  • Works with the Cutter's Mate slide bar, 585mm Slide Bar  and the 890mm Slide Bar  for longer scores.

Creator's Strip Pro New Edition

SKU: CM1008
    • Cut strips like a pro! Helps you cut consistent, straight strips with ease
    • Includes a zero marked ruler and an oil well
    • For use with the 585mm Slidebar, or 890mm Slidebar for longer scores
    • Waffle grid system and slidebar sold separately
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