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Creator's Circle Pro 12 Glass Cutter- Made in the USA! Scores Diameters from 75mm to 305mm

Creator's Circle Pro 12 Glass Cutter

SKU: CM1011
  • Cutting Circles Couldn't Be Easier!
    Cutting perfect circles are no problem with the Circle Pro 12. Score circles from 75mm to 305mm with precision and ease. It includes detailed instructions with step-by-step photos. Convenient for your workshop - it sets up in seconds and folds down for storage. Cleanup is a snap with the included Waffle Grid base that traps glass shards and scraps.

    Setting the cutter head for the perfect size is easy. Just position using the clearly marked ruler as shown in the additional image and tighten the thumb nut, then press down on the swivel handle and turn to score.

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