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Creator's Beetle Bits Mini Glass Cutting System Portable Work Station For Geometric Shapes COMPLETE WITH 2 Waffle Grids AND Push Button Flying Beetle Glass Cutter INCLUDED

Creator's Beetle Bits Mini Glass Cutting System

SKU: CM1006
  • Create Geometric cuts Fast!

    Just like the popular Complete Beetle Bits but in a mini version. This tool has it all! Simple set-up, a quick compass guide for all the most popular shapes and angels, easy-adjust glass stops for non-slip positioning, and

    Adjustable angle rest.



    • Flying Beetle Cutter
    • 2 waffle grids
    • 356mm zero marked ruler
    • 458mm straight edge cutting bar
    • Swiveling rest with compass dial
    • 90 degree straight edge rest
    • Glass stop
    • Super Stops
    • Adjustable angle rest
    • Ruler positioner
    • 2 blade compensators
    • Oil well

    Studio News: "The Tool I Can't Live Without" - By Denise Christmas-Gibson, Studio Owner
    I don't have just one favorite tool, but there is one that I use virtually every time I work on a project. As you know, having the right tool for the job, makes the job a whole lot easier.
    Beetle Bits Cutting System with the Flying Beetle Attachment
    This system provides the speed and precision glass cutting that a busy studio demands. Cutting strips, squares, angles and more are perfect every time, and this tool does it in half the time of other systems.

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