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Creator's Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

Creator's Beetle Bits Glass Cutting System

SKU: CM1005
  • This product does not include the Waffle Grids or the Beetle cutter. Both can be purchased separately.

    • This quick set-up tool has it all! Designed with simplicity and comfort in mind, this cutting system helps you score glass faster and easier than ever before
    • The Beetle Bits Cutting System offers a quick compass guide for all the most popular shapes and angles, easy-adjust stops for non-slip positioning, and adjustable angle rests. You can make cuts from either side of the Waffle Grid Surface or even make cuts perpendicular from the base ruler.
    • Designed to work with the Flying Beetle Glass Cutter which is NOT included. Aids in scoring angles and straight edges to create basic shapes or strips.
    • This product was invented with the same principles as the Cutter’s Mate: Simplicity, Comfort And Ease In Scoring. 
    • The compass dial and rests provide ease of cutting from either side of the work surface, or a straight cut perpendicular from the base ruler. 

    Features of the Beetle Bits Glass Cutting Syste

    • 585mm Wear-resistant, low friction straight edge, excellent for strips
    •   Compass indicates all popular angles for basic shapes
    •   Designed for use with the Waffle Grid surface Includes
    •   Oil Well. Just dip the Flying Beetle Cutting head every few scores.
    •   2 Adjustable-angle rests, one for each side of the work surface
    •   1 Stationary straight edge rest
    •   1 Swiveling Pointer Rest, functioning with compass dial
    •   2 Multi-directional glass stops
    •   458mm/152mm Ruler With ZERO Center Mark
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