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Creator's 5.5mm Handy Foiler

The Creator's 5.5mm Handy Foiler speeds up the foiling process for glass while keeping the foil centered. 


Please see video for How to Use! on YouTube

Beware of imitations, as not all Hand Foilers are created with the quality and integrity that Creator's Brand has become known for.

Made in the USA

Creator's 5.5mm Handy Foiler

  • Hand Foiler Instructions:

    Remove all oil from glass and grind it so that the foil will stick.

    Insert foil into opposite end of Roller through the slot. After inserting into the slot, peel back foil approximately 75mm from the paper. Remove 25mm of the paper backing and back through until the paper is showing on the other side of the slot. Then proceed to pull the foil up to the other end towards the Roller. Guide foil underneath the roller. Now the paper backing should easily separate when you begin to foil your glass.

    Grasp the foiler leaving thumb free. Insert edge of glass piece between guides on the underside of the tool. 

    It is important to hold the foiler stationary while rotating the piece of glass.   KEEP ROLLER PRESSED AGAINST EDGE OF GLASS WITH EVEN PRESSURE DURING ENTIRE APPLICATION.

    Tips: You can mount your foiler to a table edge using a c-clamp.  This allows you to be hands free from holding the foiler.

    See it in action on Youtube!



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