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Book, 9x9 Lives Cat Designs

Book, 9x9 Lives Cat Designs

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  • 9x9 Lives Cat Designs Project Book from Wardell Publications stained glass has an unusual approach to project patterns. Stuart Goldman knows his math and his cats. If you take 9 different cat motifs and combine those with 9 different project designs, you get 81 different ways to create a stained glass keepsake. 9x9 Lives Cat Designs Project Book is full of great instructional information written by this very accomplished glass artist and popular seminar presenter. In addition to the full size patterns and project assembly instructions, Stuart keeps you smiling with a smattering of clever cat related quips like this, There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast. This 48 page book has enough designs to keep all cat lovers or those who love cat lovers, purring along, happily creating for hours. Here is a comment from the author, This is not a standard pattern book, but rather a project book that contains patterns. They can be used as is, or adapted for numerous projects. Think of them as general templates with which you can create your own project patterns. Consider this more of a Chinese Menu, take a face from column A and use it with a body from column B, substituting a wire overlay of your own choosing. The projects published here and the varied suggestions are so vast that you may indeed be the only person in the world to use them in any given combination. In other words, there is so much room for personal creativity that your project will reflect only you. Another area of personal choice would be the glass itself. Your selection of glass color, translucency or texture will change everything again. With a little bit of creativity on your part, you can actually have a hundred different projects from one pattern.(48 pages)

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