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This is a hand foiler used for putting copper foil around stained glass pieces. This tool has a guide to help place an even line of foil around the glass and holds the foil steady for accurate placement. The hand foiler works with foil up to 5 mm in width. The foiler is easy to load and use and allows for you to speed up your foiling process. Processing time: will ship out as soon as possible. These are made  in the USA.


The color for this item is based on availability and may not be the same color shown in the photos.


Loading instructions: Check out instructional videos on how to load and use these foilers at

5 mm Copper foil hand foiler (Driftless Brand)

  • Written out instructions:

    1. Separate the foil from the backing.

    2. I like to add a bit of the backing paper to the end of the sticky side of the foil after I have separated the sticky side from the backing. This makes it so I can load the foil through the channel without sticking.

    3. Slide the foil backing paper through the back channel of the hand foiler.

    4. Slide the (sticky side) foil through the opening and then along the channel. 5. Once the foil is through the channel push the foil behind the bearing and flip the foiler around to see the sticky side of the tape running along the bearing.

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